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Family Access

Dear Families,

            In order for your student to do their assignments from home, they will need to be able to access the online curriculum and Google tools.  Once you have your Wi-Fi set up on your student’s Chromebook.  They will use their full email address and password to create an user on the Chromebook. 

Once they log into the Chromebook, the Google browser opens up to their User Dashboard.  This dashboard is the main access point for Google tools (Classroom, Drive, Slides, Docs, etc.) as well as their curriculum: Think Central (K-5 ELA and 6th Math), Connect Ed (K-5 Math and 6-8th ELA), Savvas (K-5 Science and Social Studies, TCI (6-8 Social Studies), and MyHrW (7-8 Math).

They will also have a folder on their Favorites bar on the top left hand side of the browser called ‘School Links’.  There is a link for the Google Dashboard there, but also a link to NWEA Map Growth Test, IXL, and Amplify (6-8th Science).  Below is a sample from a 5th graders’ Chromebook browser:

If you are using a computer with a Chrome browser, we recommend following the instructions on the following video.  It will allow you to create a specific browser for your student so that they can link their school account.  This will look similar to their Chromebook, so that they can use the dashboard and School links to get to their materials.  This school account will have the same filters as at school, and allow for the teacher to monitor their progress better.  Please watch the video for more information:  

Go Dragons!

Adding Students to Power School Account

First page of the PDF file: AddingStudentstoPowerSchoolAccount