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Counseling & Support

The counseling department looks forward to serving the families of Westside Union School District. Working alongside you to support and develop our scholars socially and academically is our objective. Communication with parents is vital to the success of our scholars.

Counselor's Corner

Name:  C. Lagos

Position:  School Counselor

Years of Experience:  2nd Year School Counselor here at Del Sur School

Education:  MS Educational Counseling, Pupil Personnel Credential  

Ms. Lagos has worked to increase the school counseling presence on campus by becoming familiar with her students and being a part of their day to day routines. Implementing a system to be aware of students needs and having an open door policy for students to reach her is a priority. 

Our students have access to counseling services addressing academic, career, and social emotional topics. Classroom guidance lessons are delivered to help promote positive social skills. Personal/Social/Emotional Support are offered in individual and small group counseling. Referrals to School Based Therapy services are available for the convenience of the students to be serviced at school. 

The goal is to build the resiliency of our students so that they can develop into critical thinkers and productive citizens in society.

Please feel free to reach the counselor at  or by phone 661-948-0488 ext. 77306.