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Eligibility Requirements for Middle School Extracurricular Activities

(Taken from Pg. 9 of the Student Handbook)

Minimum requirements for participation in any extra curricular activity, which includes any after school or off campus activity, are based on criteria determined quarterly based on: (The last completed quarter is the one we use to determine eligibility.)

1. The student must be passing all classes with a 2.0GPA and no "F"s.

2. The student must maintain a citizenship grade of 80 merits or more for Middle School. N or higher for elementary.

3. Students must be enrolled in the regular, full day classes at Del Sur.

4. Students must have attended a full day of classes the day of the activity.

5. Students with more than 3 absences in any class per quarter will not be permitted to participate in extra curricular activities such as dances, field trips, sports, etc.


Grade Point Average is an average of all the grades earned by a student each semester. An A = 4 points, a B = 3 points, a C = 2 points, a D = 1 point, and an F = 0 points. The GPA is the total number of points divided by the number of classes.